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Whether you are wanting information about available litters, Springer Spaniels, hunting or AKC events, use the Contact Us page and form.  Then look for an email contact from a club member.

Member Application - Membership to the club is $25.00 per year for an individual or $35.00 per year for a family.  See our Contact Us page for further information

Dog training - Please see our Training page for contact  information on upcoming training times and locations.



WWESSC is dedicated to the preservation and to the improvement of the Field Bred English Springer Spaniel and to its cousin the Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel. To that end the club holds two American Kennel Club licensed Field Trials annually as well as licensed Hunt Tests. Members try to meet informally once per week to help each other with training.

The Western Washington English Springer Spaniel Club was conceived in 1945 and its members hosted their first field trial in 1946. The club's tradition of sportsmanship and comaraderie has been evident and uninterrupted since 1946. While many of the members trial their dogs and train to this level of work, there is also a group of members who concentrate on training for hunting only. These two aims are not necessarily distinct from one another as training towards at least the minimum standards required for a successful trial dog will produce a superior hunting companion that the owner will enjoy for many seasons. All those persons interested in learning and using Spaniels for hunting and field trials are encouraged to join.

Training under tutelage works best for newcomers and you'll find that club members are happy to include newcomers in training sessions. Usually there is one major training session per week where participants meet at an agreed upon location. To participate, we ask visitors to contact us via our training link. Someone will answer back and get you started.

Good luck to all and happy training.

WWESSC President