Recent Club Successes

  • ​​We held 2 successful AKC Hunt Tests over Memorial weekend 2022.  We could not do this without so many active members pitching in.  Members dogs earning qualifying scores we "Echo" and "Farley" owned and handled by Christine Robertson, Christy Hilbert handled 3 dogs to qualifying scores, "DJ" in master and "Lizzy" earned senior ribbons and her KD was 4 for 4 to earn her Senior Hunter title this weekend.  "Gaga" earned her first Junior Hunter ribbon owner/handled by Frank Shasky.  Marsha Henkel and her dog "Mick" earned a Senior Hunter ribbon.

Spring Trial 2022 at Scatter Creek.  Scott Mason and his cocker "Jazz" placed 3rd in the Cocker Open stake and 4th in Cocker Amatuer.  Jon Beernink and his Springer pup "Buddy" placed 3rd in the Puppy Stake.  Christy Hilbert and her pup "DJ" got 1st place in the Puppy Stake.

  • During the Western Washington Spring trial.  Scott Mason and Dakota got first in the Amateur and a second in the Open stake.  Barb Defalco and puppy Cato got forth in the puppy stake.  The club Cockers just keep placing.   
  • Jon Beernick and Heidi got third at the Inland Empire 2019 spring trial.  The placements just keep coming for Heidi.
  •  Jackie Lovette and Bakken received the 2019 First Honor Field Trophy from the Cascade English Cocker Club.
  • In Waller, Texas, Scott Mason and his daughter's (Alexandra) dog Dakota won both the Open and Amateur trials.  That is almost unheard of.....way to go Scott and Dakota.  Russ Pool and Trixie got fourth in the same Amateur trial.
  • We had several club members qualify for the Nationals in their respective breeds.  To qualify for the Nationals you have to receive a specific number of placements during the year.  This year during the Cocker Nationals in South Port, New York, Russ Pool's Trixie handled by Dan Murray of Absolute Gun Dogs from Bismarck, N.D. got forth place.  This is amazing since they were competing against 89 of the best dogs in the nation.
  • Rick Kemmen and Donald (the dog, not the duck!) took the forth place ribbon home from the Inland Empire 2018 fall trial.  This was a great accomplishment for a very young dog. 
  • During last fall's Hunt test we had three club titles awarded.  Lynn Winchester's Sky received a Junior title. Tom Morgan and Ziva received a Senior title and Kathy Stermolle's Jim also now has a Senior title. All three are young dogs.  Way to go!